About me

My themes are the interaction of the elements with the built environment, the structural geometric forms of buildings, the passage of time - decay, weathering, adaptation, repair or ruin.

Having spent my early years living on an island, I retain my love of the coast and my work features landmarks such as lighthouses and harbours. Currently landlocked in Berkshire, I find myself looking inland and to London for inspiration, exploring the collage of textures that is the city as modern structures engulf the architecture of previous centuries.

Visual texture in my paintings is important to me and I am excited by the often unpredictable marks obtainable due to the physical properties of watercolour such as the rivulets formed by flocculating pigments. I collage different paper textures, tearing back and scratching the paper surface repeatedly producing rich layered effects.

I am largely self taught - developing my own techniques and style from countless hours experimenting with watercolour and other water-based media. I have also learnt a lot from attending painting workshops with many leading contemporary artists.

I am an exhibiting member of the Reading Guild of Artists and have exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Discerning Eye.

sketching at Cape Cornwall